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Mr Stuart

With a desire to provide a dynamic and forward-thinking offering to Early Years education in London, Mr Stuart founded Chelsea Pre-Prep in 2009. Having gained back-to-back OFSTED Outstanding ratings in 2010 and 2016, the school is now widely considered one of the capital's top pre-schools. Stuart's role at the helm of CPP and its community is unique, personally navigating parents through the 'next school' and assessment maze of London whilst leading a highly qualified and energetic teaching team. In September 2018 Stuart's investment in and bold commitment to changing the face of early years education will see him expand to open another Rocket Productions school; Kingsland Pre-Prep, an audacious and ground-breaking facility in the heart of Chelsea. 

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Miss Amy

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Miss Lauren

As Deputy Head, Miss Lauren, has a dual role of teaching in the classroom as well as looking after key aspects of the running of the school including safeguarding. Lauren lends her outgoing personality and sense of humour to her teaching, encouraging her students to be free thinkers working, learning and playing creatively, having fun all the while in a dynamic and spirited classroom. 




Miss Winsy

Miss Winsy has been with CPP since its inception, teaching across both first and second years. Winsy now employs her expertise in Education and passion for research as the SENDCO and Early Years Advisor. Winsy acts as a bridge between outside agencies and parents as well as offering invaluable support to our teachers and classes. 



Miss Judith

Miss Judith is a CPP veteran with over 20 years in nursery teaching bringing a wealth of experience and strong focus on independence and creativity to her class. Judith is an expert in preparing her students for assessments and getting ready for 'big school', her class is like a mini reception year which means that her students, and their parents, are more than ready for the transition when it comes. 






Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda worked across Australia and Asia before landing in London banging on CPP's door. Amanda uses her journey across continents to bring enthusiasm and energy by the bucket load to her class, drawing from her varied experience to offer a fun but thoughtful style of teaching.






Miss Milly

Miss Milly has been working with CPP since 2013 and works 1:1 with children with special educational needs. A ray of light and energy, Milly blends creativity and productive play with a wonderful sense of calm, meaning the children in her care are stimulated, happy and supported throughout their time at CPP.





Miss Adina

Miss Adina fell in love with teaching 12 years ago and her energy and enthusiasm are as strong as ever. Adina encourages focus and determination in her students but fires up the troops with playfulness and 'out of the box' teaching at the drop of a hat, helping to develop their individual character quirks and sense of imagination. 






Mr Aidan

Mr Aidan's background in working with children with special educational needs has creatively influenced his approach to teaching in a mainstream setting. Aidan's dynamic style of teaching emboldens his students to be individuals as well as encouraging them to work cohesively as peers as they negotiate the world of friends and school.





Mr Joe

Mr Joe applies his energy and experience across the independent education sector to create a fun but challenging classroom. Joe relishes working in an open learning environment, allowing his students to be creative, independent and take risks while feeling supported and encouraged.







Miss Vicky

Starting her career with CPP as a teaching assistant in 2009, Miss Vicky is a fixture of the school. With a wealth of teaching experience extending beyond CPP, and a true local to the area she is one of our biggest assets. As a mum herself, Vicky can empathetically support parents through the beginning of their nursery journey, laying an invaluable foundation of confidence and enjoyment in learning for her students. 





Miss Maria

Miss Maria is another veteran of the school with many years experience working with the first year classes. A mother herself, Maria, can offer a sympathetic shoulder to children and great advice to parents during tricky times like the settling in process as well as having personal experience of all the milestones of your child's development.






Miss Adriana

Chelsea Pre-Pre's Mary Poppins with a twist, Miss Adriana, is a charismatic and engaging teacher. Dedicated to nurturing her students' confidence and independent characters, Adriana's natural expressiveness guarantees there are no sleepy heads or wandering eyes during story or singing time.






Miss Ilda

Miss Ilda places huge importance on parent partnership, encouraging families to get involved creatively with their children's nursery life and building a strong relationship between parents and teacher. A kind but firm approach to her teaching, Ilda emboldens her students while offering a protective wing.