Staff Induction


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As part of our Induction process, we would like you to familiarise yourself with our main policies and procedures prior you first day at CPP. In this page you will find links to our main policies, links to the Statutory Framework and Development Matters, links to Tapestry tutorials and a few resources that will help to develop your knowledge and practice within the Early Years. 

Read during First Week of Induction

Code of Conduct and Dress Code

Safeguarding and Promoting children's welfare Policy

Child Protection Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Security, Safety and Late Collections Policy

Fire, Emergency and Lock-down Policy

Parents Daily Information

Behaviour policy

SEND Policy

Curriculum and Progress Policy

Tapestry Policy

Tapestry Tutorial (Only new staff) 

Read on week Two

Fitness to Work and Absence Policy

Disciplinary Policy

No smoking Policy

Intimate Care

Unacceptable forms of discipline

Key person policy

Illness and Medical Conditions Policy

First Aid Policy

Disability policy and duties

Equal Opportunities policy

Other resources

Local Safeguarding Children Board Information for professionals

NSPCC Helpline Child Protection

What to do if poster

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

Development Matters

Effective observation and Planning (Cycle of planning)

Examples of Observations and Assessment

Good Practice in Early Education (SEED report)

SEND Toolkit (Statutory requirements and guidance on SEND in Early Years)

Nasen (Info and Resources identifying and supporting SEND in Early Years)

EAL Guidance

To access our SEN resources portal please go to